Paul Bamford | Commercial, Advertising, Lifestyle Photographer Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay
Commercial, Advertising, Lifestyle Photographer Gold Coast and Brisbane
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Working with Uber Australia and New Zealand I created images for a range of advertising uses. 



Working directly with Uber Australia and New Zealand, I've created images for various advertising uses.

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UBER Rider Campaign

Working together with a film crew making a TVC, I photographed a range of actors and artists as part of an Uber rider campaign.

Photographed at Dockland Studios Melbourne.

UBER New Zealand

Real drivers were chosen by Uber to be part of their real drivers national billboard campaign. The drivers all met in Auckland and I created a series of portraits to be used on billboards around the country, showing the drivers in an environment that reflected an interest they are passionate about. A consistent lighting look needed to be created to replicate at different locations. As well as still images I also created moving portraits, these were 10-15 second video clips that looked just like the photographs but had the model moving slightly to add interest when used with an electronic billboard.

Client: Uber   |   ProducerArt Director: Tenielle Stoltenkamp

UBER Australia

Shot on the streets of Sydney, this two day shoot involved 14 models showing different scenarios an Uber passenger would be in, with a focus on natural lifestyle images. From catching a ride to the airport, to guys on their way to the footy, a young girl by herself at night, a grandmother with her granddaughter, business people, and a group of friends going out for the night. We created a library of images for Uber to draw from for various advertising uses.

Below is a small selection of the senarios we photographed.

Client: Uber   |    ProducerArt Director:Tenielle Stoltenkamp


UBER Australia

Uber driver images.

Client: Uber   |    ProducerArt Director: Tenielle Stoltenkamp